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Rsam’s Vendor Risk Management solution offers an end-to-end, lifecycle-based approach to assess and manage risks associated with outsourcing engagements. Whether your outsourced ecosystem is comprised of Partners, Suppliers, Third Parties, or Vendors, Rsam can help with the nuances of each. Enabled by the Rsam Integrated Risk Management Platform, the solution offers a 360-degree view from third-party onboarding to termination of the relationship.

The Growing Complexity of Business Ecosystems

Protect Your Extended Ecosystem With Third-Party Cyber-Risk Scoring, July 2018, Forrester (access requires subscription or purchase).

Today’s enterprises are outsourcing more and more aspects of their operations. With greater reliance on vendors, the scope of your ecosystem not only increases but so does your exposure to financial, operational, reputational, and security risks. In a recent Rsam survey of nearly 1000 security professionals, 96% agreed that the scope of vendor assessments will grow within the next year to assess this increasing exposure.

Third-party relationships are also becoming more complex. Trends include increasing access to internal systems, increasing categories and volumes of sensitive information, and increasing focus on 4th (and nth) party reliance. This combination of increasing scope and complexity quickly pushes spreadsheets and other legacy tools to their limits. It’s impossible to add enough staff to keep up with the workload yet it’s imperative you maintain control and limit your exposure – your board demands it.

No matter how much or little you outsource, the associated risk from these relationships remains your responsibility. Don’t introduce unnecessary complexity into your program by relying on manual processes, disparate systems, or unproven techniques.

Rsam Vendor Risk Management Solution

Rsam’s Vendor Risk Management module is a recognized and proven solution helping organizations not just relieve the pressure of vendor risk management, but drive efficiency, effectiveness, and confidence in their programs. It provides a centralized, interactive, automated, and collaborative approach supporting a 360-degree view of vendor risk management. Leverage workflow automation, integration, and notifications to drive efficiency and reduce the administrative burden associated with manual vendor risk management tasks. Redistribute workloads by offloading questionnaire and remediation plan management workflow directly to your vendors. Remove uncertainty by leveraging integrated risk intelligence from third party providers. Gain strategic insights into individual and comparative vendor risk across the enterprise through a rich library of reports and dashboards.

Rsam empowers you to quickly take charge of your vendor risk management journey on your terms. As most implementations stall or fail because they are too ambitious at the outset or too rigid to accommodate changes, Rsam has taken a dramatically different approach to solving this problem. While Rsam’s Vendor Risk Management module provides a solid foundation for organizations of any size to be operational and realize value in 30 days, the platform is designed to accommodate change and program maturation over time. As your program is pressed to adapt to changing business, regulatory, and risk landscapes, Rsam allows you to easily evolve it on-the-fly without the constraints of hard-coded software. Complexity removed.

Overall our experience with Rsam has been
exemplary. They are very knowledgeable with respect
to their industry and how their product can support,
drive, and enhance internal process.

Chief Information Security Officer, Education Industry

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