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Regulatory Change Management Software Solutions

Enterprises face a never-ending barrage of evolving and emerging regulatory compliance requirements. These requirements must be monitored for change and interpreted in the context of the business. They must also translate into the appropriate policies and controls. Meanwhile, infractions must be identified and remediated with speed. Failure to prove compliance can result in a variety of consequences. This can range from hefty fines to reputational damage. But, in efforts to show compliance, one must be careful not to impact the company’s ability to do business. Compliance efforts must not affect the company’s ability to be agile. It needs to maintain and grow its core business or respond to market dynamics. This complex dynamic requires visibility to understand the implications of regulatory requirements. And also requires automation to reduce the risk of noncompliance.

Rsam Regulatory Change Management software solution provides an integrated framework to complete this task. The module can provide this across a federated regulatory change management process. Through a customizable framework, you can establish a central repository of regulatory intelligence. From here, you can track regulatory changes, so you’re never caught off guard. Rsam simplifies workflow by enabling you to electronically route information to key personnel. This streamlines the business risk assessment and improves efficiency. Rsam removes irrelevant data so that staff aren’t overwhelmed.

Also, Rsam’s Regulatory Chang Management GRC module allows companies to quickly address infractions with automated remediation activities. This is completed with the workflow that you design. This ensures swift review, approval, and exception management.

Users can:

  • Track regulatory changes and identify which are applicable to their business
  • Check the inherent risk and impact of changes
  • Establish workflow-based remediation activities

With the Rsam Regulatory Change Management GRC Module you can:


  • Establish a central repository for regulatory intelligence
  • Automatically route information to the right subject matter experts for disposition
  • Assess the impact of change to your business, including related policies and controls
  • Establish workflow-based remediation activities
  • Check and align regulatory changes to business priorities

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