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Rsam Platform for Enterprise Policy Management

Today’s business environment is highly regulated. An organization’s policies and procedures represent one of its most critical controls. Your policies need to mitigate risk, prevent incidents, and protect the organization. Especially when issues occur. Policy managers contend with changing regulations, conflicting jurisdictional requirements, and shifting business objectives. The one constant is that policies are always changing.

Keeping up with shifting regulatory and business priorities is challenging. This is the case even if your policy management were centrally managed. But the reality for most organizations is that policy management is a distributed responsibility. Policies originate from various business lines and corporate supporting functions. The policies often reside in many siloed repositories. This means a lack of consistent governance and standards around their management.

What’s more, it’s not only a matter of making sure that policies are continuously and consistency reviewed and updated as priorities shift. Organizations must also ensure that policy changes are effectively communicated. They must be able to prove the effectiveness of those communications. Communications to regulators, customers, investors, business partners, the board, and other stakeholders.

With Rsam’s Policy compliance tool, you can operationalize a federated approach to policy management. You can allow for individual sub-organizations to author and manage their own policies and procedures. This can be done within the context of well-defined, enforced, and automated policy management standards. This lets you relate policy sections and sub-sections to a centralized library of regulatory domains and controls. You can route policies on different review-and-approval paths. Or you can vary their attestation requirements based on criteria such as the specific risk topics they cover. This can even be specific to where within the organization they originate. Most importantly, you can provide employees with a single location for looking up the policies and procedures.

Policies can be written directly into Rsam or imported from a file. Automated workflow and alerts help policy management all the way from review and approval to publication and attestation. Policies can also be managed and published in multiple languages with optional auto-translation.

Policy Management Software Solution Features

With Rsam Policy Management, you can:

  • Automate the entire policy lifecycle. Drafting, review, and approval through to publication, attestation, and eventual revision/retirement.
  • Author policies directly in Rsam or import them from other sources.
  • Get up and running quickly by leveraging out-of-the-box baseline policy management content.
  • Create policy structures with unlimited hierarchical levels. Map policy sections and sub-sections to their related control requirements. This includes regulatory standards, risk frameworks, and business objectives.
  • Publish policies to SharePoint using Rsam’s out-of-the-box SharePoint connector.
  • Automate policy acknowledgement campaigns using out-of-the-box notifications and attestation tracking.
  • Automate policy audience management by integrating with industry-leading HR systems. Rsam’s Universal Connector links directly to your HR system.
  • Manage policy exceptions from their through their request, review, approval, and expiration.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to communicate policy-related risk and performance metrics. Policy gaps, exception concentrations, attestation rates, etc.

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