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Rsam Platform for Incident Management

The definition of incident management is the surrounding activities of an organization’s methodology to identify, analyze, and correct hazards to prevent a future re-occurrence. Organizations face risks from a variety of incidents—not just cyber security. A quick and effective response can minimize adverse effects. This ensures compliance with internal and external mandates. Manual or homegrown solutions don’t scale to meet growing and changing requirements. Incident management best practices is to have a central repository of incidents. These central incidents are tracked through an automated workflow based on risk prioritization. Incident communication solutions need to react to incident management procedures in real time. The incident lifecycle need to be managed with notifications, audit trails and escalations.

Rsam’s Incident Management module automates identification, planning, and response processes. You can use it to start and manage plans, actions, and allocate appropriate resources to resolve incidents on time. Rsam gives you all the tools to provide upper management with fast, accurate views of the real-time situations. Rsam’s incident management software also allows you to direct the right incident to the right individual. This can be situational based on inherent risk, kind of incident, or status.

Leveraging Mobile for Incident Management.

Because more and more people have mobile devices at work, Rsam’s is optimized for the mobile experience. This allows better collaboration, speed of decision making, and key stakeholder involvement. This feature helps organizations register incidents from anywhere. It is built entirely on a mobile web interface; there is no need to download a client application. This allows users with mobile device to capture extra information for incidents. Now photos, video, sound, GPS location can be added data points for all incident.

Rsam’s Incident Management Software Solutions enables you to:

  • Track people, process, and response status.
  • Automate approval process.
  • Provide accurate and current data through reports and dashboards.

Incident Management Benefits:

  • Increase visibility and accountability.
  • Reduce time to resolution.
  • Minimize operational impact.
  • Enable audit-ready trail of all related activities.

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