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Complying with principle-based regulations that provide little-to-no actionable guidance
can be challenging. There is no out-of-the-box silver bullet for GDPR compliance. However,
Rsam’s prepackaged solutions are designed to provide practical approaches. We provide solutions
for tackling the GDPR aligned to varying levels of organizational maturity and program needs.
Start simply by assessing your readiness and understand your current gaps. That helps in
establishing a roadmap with actionable intelligence. That roadmap will help you meet article-specific
sections of the regulation. GDPR is about transparency and an integrated approach to
risk and compliance management. Rsam has been helping organizations
reach these types of goals since 2003.

Where on the spectrum of readiness is your organization?

According to Forrester Research, many decision makers may have a false sense of confidence when it comes to GDPR compliance. When asked about individual requirements, most are confident they can comply. Yet, implementing all the requirements and achieving the intent of the regulation is the real challenge. Many organizations that treat GDPR requirements in silos will find themselves in trouble. For more on Forrester’s perspective check out The State of GDPR Readiness.

GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance imposes a broad set of regulations designed to give EU data subjects more control over their data. If your organization controls or processes user data, you’re facing a unique set of challenges with GDPR. These challenges are more complex than any other regulation you’ve had to comply with in the past. Requirements like the right to be forgotten, data portability, incident reporting, breach notifications, transparency and data protection may be overwhelming. This is especially true if your organization doesn’t have a clear starting point for compliance.

Rsam’s packaged solution offerings not only provide a manageable starting point, but also a defined approach to achieving compliance maturity. At the same time, they address GDPR article-specific requirements.

GDPR Compliance

Quickstart Offering

  • Assess organizational readiness
  • Manage roadmap program improvement progress
  • Document, correlate, and remediate identified risks
  • Inventory, classify, and assess IT assets

Premium Offering

  • Quickstart Offering +
  • Policy, attestation, and exception management
  • Automate incident response & breach notification management
  • Demonstrate control effectiveness through testing
  • Manage roadmap program improvement progress
  • Document, correlate, and remediate identified risks
  • Inventory, classify, and assess IT assets

Enterprise Offering

  • Premium Offering +
  • Assess data processor readiness
  • Manage contracts and related SLAs
  • Engage third-parties interactively
  • Validate IT System resiliency with security ops orchestration

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