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Exception Management Software Solutions

For every rule there is an exception—or two or three. Unfortunately, compliance requirements continue to increase and so do the number of exceptions that organizations are required to track and manage. When handled manually, these processes can be time consuming, costly and error-prone. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Managing exceptions with Rsam Exception Management is… well, the exception.

Rsam’s Exception Management reduces the risk of compliance violations. At the same time saving users time and effort. The software solutions platform can replicate and automate existing processes. This can be recreated no matter how intricate. The powerful exception management framework automates all policy exception cycles. This includes exception reviews, escalations, approvals, and renewals. Organizations can correlate exceptions to specific internal policies, standards, and compliance mandates. The platform can start a renewal process based on changes to your exception life cycle. The exception management platform lets you alert participants via email and let them know when it’s time to engage. It also notifies them of when exceptions expire. Exception forms are accessed by anyone and routed to appropriate individuals. As a result, everyone is more productive and fewer exceptions go past their end date.

Rsam Exception Management also captures an impeccable audit trail. You can choose between predefined and custom dashboards and reports. They can view historical data that reveals trends. You can understand which exceptions are repeatedly requested and approved. It can also show which functional areas file the most requests. With Rsam, you gain immediate visibility into trends. You’ll understand the full “exception picture” of your enterprise information security exception management.

Exception Management Software Solutions Features

With Rsam for Policy Exception Management, organizations can:

  • See which types of exceptions are being requested and approved most frequently
  • Store policies centrally, relating exceptions to compliance policies
  • Track expiration and notify users via automatic alerts
  • Report on exceptions across the enterprise. Including line of business, severity and type of exception
  • Escalate exception management requests based on criticality and other factors

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