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Rsam Platform for Enterprise Risk Management

Organizations face a variety of risks that can impact daily performance and operations. Getting everyone on the same page is essential for managing the increasing scope of risks. It is necessary for surviving the scrutiny of internal and external stakeholders. Rsam offers modules that help you better understand and manage enterprise risk.

Rsam’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) platform is a centralized repository for all risk, control, and remediation activities. The platform delivers a complete view of risks and related dependencies. This enables you to establish a common risk taxonomy. It also lets you centralize risk control and remediation across the organization. The platform makes it easy for key stakeholders to provide their input and take ownership of departmental risks. Users can aggregate and normalize data from different operational systems and processes. You can integrate survey-based risk assessments with findings-based risk management. This helps you define and implement your preferred risk management program and methodology. The platform also allows you to produce intelligent results. This can range from qualitative analysis to Monte Carlo simulations and scenario modeling.

Rsam’s native risk scoring system can be configured to any standard. It can additionally use any custom Enterprise Risk Management scoring or methodology. You can easily create or import either COSO-supported controls or Enterprise Risk Management frameworks.

Enterprise Risk Management software solution modules include:

  • Indicators and Metrics – Define, collect, and measure metrics over time.
  • Risk Register – Consolidate risk from various silos. Support a universal risk taxonomy.
  • GLBA Compliance – Implement a complete and ongoing process for GLBA.
  • Risk Assessment – Create an effective, streamlined assessment of any critical asset.


Rsam’s Enterprise Risk Management platform enables you to:

  • Share, update, and aggregate information dynamically across the enterprise.
  • Mine and correlate data, calculate risks, and easily manage workflows.
  • Gain greater risk visibility with actionable roll-up and drill-down reports.
  • Document and manage remediation plans once gaps are identified.
  • Maintain a continuous view of outstanding risks and “if, how, and when” they’ll be addressed.

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