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Business Continuity Management and Planning Software Solutions

Planning for a disaster is a challenge. The ability to keep your business up and running is important to managing your risk. Without the right plan, you risk losing money and hurting your reputation.

Rsam helps you prepare for the unexpected. Our Business Continuity Management solution streamlines everything for your business recovery plan. This includes analyzing the business impact, planning, testing, reporting, and fixing issues. You need a BC plan to make sure your business continues to thrive during disasters and outages.

Organizations in the United States lose $1.2 trillion from IT failures every year. Around the world, companies lose $6.2 trillion from poor continuity planning! Planners know that disasters are the biggest challenges their companies will face. That’s why these planners suggest linking continuity plans to your Governance, Risk, and Compliance solution. It’s by far the best approach for business continuity planning.

Rsam BCM allows you to maintain effective programs that reduce risk. They also strengthen your ability to plan for and respond to an event. With Rsam BCM software, you can manage an effective business continuity lifecycle to:

  • Identify your most important processes and assets
  • Measure the impact on your business
  • Understand how other parts of your business are affected
  • Automatically test for disasters and manage crises

Rsam’s software solution provides in-depth analysis. You’ll also get reports so you can accurately monitor how effective your program is. In addition, Rsam provides meaningful measurements. These include Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of components. You can align these measurements with your thresholds, tolerance levels, and other boundaries.

Rsam analyzes the relationships to determine how RTOs can impact related parts of your business. The solution includes out-of-the-box reports and heat maps. This allows you to make better business decisions and manage relevant activities for your business continuity planner.

Rsam helps you create a strategy to simplify your processes. It also helps you manage the entire length of your business continuity program. You can import existing lists of assets from any CMDB or application. It will help you get the information you need, when you need it. The Rsam solution is also available as a SaaS solution. This ensures you have access during a disaster.

BCM Software Features

With Rsam's BCM, you can:

  • Use out-of-the-box templates to understand relationships
  • See how processes are connected to assets
  • Automate continuity planning assessments
  • Develop effective recovery plans
  • Manage tests and exercises
  • Understand differences between goals and capabilities
  • Track and manage activities
  • Link lists of assets to Business Continuity Planning

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