Your Third Party Data Classification is Outdated (and You Don’t Know It)

Third Party Data Classification is essential to managing a sustainable and efficient business. For most organizations, vendor classification is typically established during initial onboarding based on what information vendors need to have access to at that point in time. Unfortunately, once set up, rarely do organizations reclassify their vendors, potentially exposing their vendor risk management strategy to unnecessary risk..

Your Third-Party Vendor Inventory is Incomplete (And You Don't Know It)

Third-party vendor assessments are often considered the cornerstone of any organization’s third-party risk management program. However, as a recent Rsam survey showed, less than 15% of vendors are being assessed. But the real issue is there is a whole ecosystem of third-party vendors not even being considered for assessment..

Strategic Supplier Risk Management: Value Beyond the Assessment

Supplier risk management is an important consideration across the organization, not only for the technology team. There are times throughout every organization’s supplier risk management lifecycle when it makes sense to reassess who you’re working with and evaluate their value to the business based on vendor risk management best practices..

Rsam & BitSight Technologies: Vendor Risk Management with a 360° View

If you’re managing vendor risk management for a large organization, you may have up to a thousand or more vendors to assess on a regular basis. Knowing where to start can be daunting, but there is a solution. This is why Rsam has integrated BitSight Technologies Security Ratings into our Vendor Risk Management module..

Vendor Risk Management for Healthcare Casestudy

Vendor Risk Management for Healthcare can be challenging. Read this case study to see how Independent Health leverages vendor risk management best practices and vendor risk management software to meet the demands. Link for case study..

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Gartner 2017 IT Vendor Risk Management Magic Quadrant Sheds Light on Common Challenges

Nearly every risk and compliance leader agrees that managing vendors isn’t easy. Some enterprises have tens of thousands of vendors across the world. Automation and adaptability are the keys to success.  Gartner as just published its 2017 IT Vendor Risk Management Magic Quadrant.  Enterprises use it to help them navigate the often complex path to ….

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