Support Services Policies

Support Services Policies

Relational Security Corporation (“Rsam”) Support Services Policies


Support Services are available only to licensees with valid Software licenses. Technical Support is provided for current release(s) of the Software provided the software has not been altered. Rsam is not responsible for Software installed on hardware or with operating system configurations that fail to meet recommended specifications. Rsam will not provide technical support for third-party products including, but not limited to, Microsoft SQL Server or IIS Server.


“Error” means a failure of the Software to conform to the specifications as set forth in the Documentation, resulting in the inability to use the Software or a material restriction in use of the Software.

“Improvements” shall mean all improvements, updates, enhancements, error corrections, release notes, upgrades and changes to the Software and published user documentation which improves existing functionality, and which are developed by Rsam and made generally available without a separate charge to licensees of the Software who have purchased Support Services. Improvements exclude new product releases or features.

“Instance” means a single copy of the Software database being used for Licensee’s internal business purposes.

“Order” means the document by which Software and Support Services are ordered by Licensee.

“Software” means the object code versions, extracts and/or derivative works of the software identified on an applicable Order, and which is electronically downloaded from Rsam’s website or installed from physical media, including any Improvements.

“Support Services” means these technical support policies for the Software.


Purchase of annual Support Services entitles the purchaser of Support Services (the “Licensee”) to register two technical contacts, a primary and backup.  With each $50,000 of annual Support Services fees, Licensee has the option to designate two additional technical contacts.  Licensee’s designated technical contacts are the sole liaison between Licensee and Rsam for technical support of Software.  To avoid interruptions in Support Services, Licensee must notify Rsam Customer Support whenever its technical contact(s) changes. Charges may be incurred for the appointment of additional technical contacts should Licensee not meet the stated criteria.  Contact Rsam Customer Service with questions.


Unsupported Software:  Licensees with unsupported Software will not receive Improvements, telephone assistance, or any other Support Services.  Rsam shall have no obligation to support or maintain any version of the Software except (i) the then current version of the Software, and (ii) the immediately preceding version of the Software for a period of twelve (12) months after it is first superseded.

Maintenance Releases:  Rsam will make available to the primary technical contact, one Improvement copy for each Instance licensed by Licensee. Licensee shall be responsible for copying and installing the Improvements, and safeguarding same from unauthorized use or redistribution.

Information Licensees Need When Requesting Support Services:  Before Rsam Customer Support can begin work on any technical assistance request (TAR),
information about the nature and location of the Error is required.  Whenever a call is placed to an Rsam support
center or a TAR is logged, to the extent possible, the following information
needs to be provided:

  • Licensee name
  • Contact’s name and phone number (fax number if applicable)
  • Operating system (including version) for which Software is installed, to include service packs, and list of critical patches installed and/or recent changes to the server or OS
  • The Software component and version number that the TAR concerns
  • Any Software error numbers associated with the TAR
  • Detailed description of the problem (with screen shots, if possible)

Right to Cease Support Services: Rsam reserves the right to cease Support Services for the Software.  Licensee will be notified in advance when a Software product is no longer being supported.  Cessation notices will generally be available 6 months in advance of the desupport date and will contain cessation dates and information about migration paths for certain features.  Cessation notices are subject to change.


Support Services are intended to assist Licensee which is experiencing problems with the Software, and is limited to providing assistance with actual application-related problems. Support Services do not consist of consulting services that Licensee may desire from time-to-time.  Professional services refer to any services other than the resolution of application-related problems. Such services include, but are not limited to, consulting, project management, auditing, and planning.  Rsam’s decision defining the nature of support requested is final.


Errors are defined as individual problems referred by licensees to Rsam Customer Support.  Errors are categorized as

Severity 1 Error: The Error causes complete loss of service. Work cannot reasonably continue, the operation is mission critical to the business and the situation is an emergency. A Severity 1 Error has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Data corrupted
  • A critical function is not available
  • System hangs indefinitely, causing unacceptable or indefinite delays for resources or response
  • System crashes, and crashes repeatedly after restart attempts

Severity 2 Error: The Error causes a severe loss of service. No acceptable workaround is available; however, operation can continue in a restricted fashion.

Full Commitment to Severity 1 and 2 Errors: Rsam Customer Support will work 12 hours a day x 7 days a week (12×7) until the Error is resolved or as long as useful progress can be made.  Licensee must provide Rsam Customer Support with a contact who can be available to work with Rsam Technical Support during this 12×7 period, to assist with data gathering, testing, and applying fixes.

Licensee is requested to use these classifications with great care, so that valid Severity 1 and 2 Errors can receive the most appropriate levels of attention from Rsam.

Severity 3 Errors: The problem causes minor loss of service. The impact is an inconvenience, which may require a workaround to restore functionality.

Severity 4 Errors: The problem causes no loss of service.  The result is a minor error, incorrect behavior, or a Documentation error that does not impede the operation of a system.

For Severity 3 and 4 Errors, Rsam Customer Support will work 12×5 until the issue is resolved. Licensee must provide Rsam Customer Support with a contact during this 12×5 period, either on site or by pager, to assist with data gathering, testing, and applying fixes.

Customer Support Telephone Number and Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 8:00am EST to 8:00pm EST

Tel: 800-920-RSAM