Rsam Included in Q1 2017 Cybersecurity 500 List

Recognizes the world’s hottest and most innovative companies in the cybersecurity industry

March 11, 2017 | SECAUSUS, NJ

Cybersecurity Ventures recently announce the Q1 2017 edition of the Cybersecurity 500, a global compilation of leading companies who provide cybersecurity solutions and services. Rsam has been selected and is one of only eight companies headquartered in New Jersey to make the list.

The Cybersecurity 500 is published by Cybersecurity Ventures, a researcher and publisher of reports covering global cybercrime damage projections, cybersecurity spending forecasts, and cybersecurity employment figures. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the list features technologies from new and growing companies that aim to solve common problems that have previously lacked a solution. Feedback is solicited from CISOs, IT security practitioners and service providers, and researching hundreds of cybersecurity events and news sources.

“Rsam was created to solve risk and compliance challenges in ways that had not been thought of before,” said Vivek Shivananda, CEO of Rsam. “Previously organizations either did these complex tasks manually or homegrown systems or on platforms that were created for other purposes, not risk and compliance. It’s wonderful to recognized by Cybersecurity Ventures for our continued commitment to innovation.”

About Rsam

Rsam is the fastest time-to-value and most flexible GRC, Vendor Risk Management and Security Operations, Analytics & Reporting (SOAR) platform provider. Our enterprise software platform uses a relational architecture and captures data in a single, centralized repository. Unlike other systems, we don’t hard-wire dependencies based on requirements that may be outdated before implementation even begins. Instead, the Rsam platform is built to adapt and put the user in control. Gone are the days of endlessly retrofitting a solution or failing to get it off the ground. With Rsam, you can have a baseline up and running in 30 days and iterate from there. Learn more at

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Eric Goldberg| March 20, 2017