Cognosec Interviews Bill Dedrick on How Organizations Benefit from the Rsam GRC Platform

Rsam is an agile platform specialising in GRC which can track every aspect of your companies Risk, Threats and Regulatory Change. 

As part of Cognosec’s Partner Profile series, we speak to Rsam’s Bill Dedrick, Chief Revenue Officer at Rsam, to find out how organizations can benefit from its GRC platform.

Could you explain briefly what RSAM does and what it provides?

Rsam helps organizations quickly gain control over rapidly evolving risk and compliance activities. Our software platform was specifically architected for this purpose so it adapts to changing requirements and business priorities. The platform is the building block for any number of risk and compliance use cases that customers choose to implement.

Does RSAM work with companies of varying size and different industries?

Rsam is an enterprise-class risk platform that is applicable to any industry.

What are the most popular solutions RSAM provides?

Customers commonly use Rsam’s software platform to automate and streamline workflow associated with security incident response, security operations and reporting, vendor risk management, policy management and other activities impacting their overall risk posture. These solutions are critical to addressing cyber regulatory mandates like the EU General Data Protection Regulation as well as other industry and country specific regulatory requirements.

How long does it take to get RSAM solutions implemented and do you provide ongoing support for customers?

Rsam’s baseline configurations are designed to be live in as few as 30 days. Average implementation timelines are 1-3 months. Unlike other GRC platforms, which require all requirements to be hardwired into the design before deployment, Rsam is designed to adapt. Customers can implement their solution quickly and immediately start to reduce their business risk.

Rsam provides several levels of support, including 24/7. In addition, Rsam assigns Client Partners to work with customers to help ensure they are getting the most value from their investment.

Can organizations modify / add solutions as their company grows and develops?

The Rsam platform was designed to provide users with flexibility. Changes can be made by an Rsam administrator without the need for extensive retrofitting or recoding. Because the platform is built to adapt to change over time, customers can extend their investment far into the future. Another benefit of the inherent flexibility of the framework is you don’t have to be a programmer to configure or manage modules.

And finally, why does RSAM work with Cognosec?

Partnering with Cognosec allows Rsam to expand into global markets with a partner who has deep expertise and success in governance, risk and compliance specific to local markets and industries across EMEA.